"I cannot say enough good things about Stephen. After being injured in an auto accident by another driver, the other driver's insurance company would not even return my calls, except one call where the insurance company offered an amount so low it would not even cover the cost of my medical expenses. This went on for several months. Acquaintances of mine recommended I contact Stephen. Wow! I'm so thankful I did. After my first meeting with Stephen, all my stress relating to the case (i.e., paying medical bills, dealing with insurance companies, etc.,) went away. His genuine kindness and professionalism put me immediately at ease, and he was careful to explain to me how the case would be handled, what I could reasonably expect, and answered all my questions. Stephen took care of everything. He worked with my insurance company, the at-fault driver's insurance company, my health insurance company, and Medicare. He kept me informed about my case at regular intervals. Within about six months, Stephen presented me with a settlement package that paid all my medical expenses and an extremely fair amount for my pain and suffering. Thank you Stephen!!! You're the best!!!"


"On my way home with my kids from an evening out got hit by a guy running the red light. It couldn't have been at the most inconvenient time of my life. I was getting ready to close on my home within about 45 days, I was on Accutane prescription because of my severe stress and anxiety breaking me out, and found out I might have cancer in my thyroid (found out in the ER from the wreck unsure if that was a positive). Talk about stress to another level. The Accutane delayed my healing keeping me in therapy longer from my car wreck injuries. I was recommended by my Sergeant and I still thank her for recommending Blackburn Law. I can't thank Stephen enough for the clear communication, letting me know the next step along the way and making it a priority to heal first (I didn't even meet him until finalizing on the claim). As soon as medical stuff was done and as most processes it took a few months to get everything in line but he was quick to respond whenever I needed an update. He was very professional, realistic, and didn't set an unreasonable expectation while also being very positive thru the process. It's a terrible thing to deal with at any point in your life but having the right person to help you, guide you, look out for you is the biggest blessing when life doesn't stop. Highly recommend Blackburn Law. 2020 still has nothing on 2019."


"Me and my girlfriend were minding our business leaving a parking lot when someone crashed into our car. I hired Stephen Blackburn to help with the case and he took good care of me, communicated regularly and always did his best to answer my questions. I was very happy with the insurance settlement. Thank Stephen!"


"I was in a very serious car accident in March of 2018 where my car was totaled. I was injured to the point where I had to miss work for a week and had continued doctor's appointments for quite awhile. I was already at a very tumultuous point in my life and I was struggling just to make it. I went to one of the billboard accident lawyers in town and left feeling unsupported and scared of the future after only being allowed to meet with an assistant. I was fortunate enough to find Stephen on Google and called him up - he answered the phone and I was instantly relieved by our conversation. Throughout this entire process, even the points where I wanted to shut down and give up, Stephen was there working FOR me to ensure that I got what I deserved out of this potentially horrible situation. Thankfully, my injuries have healed as best they can and the situation was resolved as painlessly as possible with his help. I would recommend Stephen to my family and loved ones in a heartbeat. He is knowledgeable and supportive and, most importantly, I always knew he had my back."


"After a car crash that was not my fault, the insurance company tried to tell me the hospital charged me too much for my emergency visit, that they would only pay a portion of the bill and I would be responsible to pay the balance. What!? How could this be? I didn't cause the accident! They sent me a release to sign which, had I signed it, would have had me paying over $6,000 for medical bills that their bad driver caused!

On a referral from a friend, I consulted with Stephen Blackburn and he assured me that the insurance company was trying to take advantage of me. He told me not only would he get all the bills paid, but also get additional money for what I had to go through at the hands of the insurance company. Stephen did exactly what he said he would do!

I'm grateful for Stephen's efforts on my case, and for reassuring me that he could get the insurance company to do the right thing."


"Well Stephen THANK YOU for being my advocate and that you did. An honest, fair and great person. Thank you."


"I had a case that was represented by a previous lawyer. This other lawyer was severely negligent and almost caused my case to be dismissed. With Stephen's help, my case was not only saved, but won!"


"I was hit on my bicycle while obeying the law and attempted to avoid being hit however was not so lucky. After recovering and speaking with the insurance companies they were insistent that some part of me being hit was my fault.

I was at a loss I couldn't afford to pay a portion of my medical bills for something I didn't cause. This is when I contacted Stephen. His guidance and clear and easy to understand explanation of how insurance companies and cases like mine happen made me feel secure and confident I made the right choice.

The insurance company changed their tune as soon as Stephen got on board. He took care of everything, he took up very little of my time so I could focus on healing. The end result was I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket for the accident and even helped me file the claim to replace my road bicycle.

I would highly recommend him as an advocate if you want an honest, straightforward attorney. He is a credit to his profession and a good man."


"When I hired Stephen Blackburn for my car crash in 2016, I was hoping to just get my medical bills paid. Stephen did that and much more. I am very grateful for his help."


"Stephen Blackburn was a Godsend for me and my family. He is a fantastic lawyer with such high integrity. After what can only be described as the worst year of bad luck, my family had 4 separate car crashes, none of which were our fault. Stephen handled all of the cases, some simultaneously, and was able to keep the insurance companies involved honest. Stephen told us we needed to just focus on healing because that was the most important thing.

His advice is sound and his approach is straightforward. His communication is excellent, especially when explaining all of the insurance terms. He is very knowledgeable about personal injury law. Although we live in Boise, he had no problem coming to our home from Meridian to help us out and treated us like we were his only clients!"


"I was pretty banged up in a car accident and Mr. Blackburn was able to get me two different settlements. One from the at-fault driver's insurance, and when that wasn't enough to cover my damages he got me an underinsured motorist settlement. I am very happy with the way he handled my case!"


"In January 2015 I was involved in a car crash which resulted in serious injuries and long-term rehabilitation. While I was in the hospital my family made numerous calls to Stephen asking advice on how to handle different aspects of the case. Stephen answered all their questions patiently and went beyond what most other attorneys would have done without a fee charged. Later when I was able to meet Stephen I found him to be the most compassionate, sincere, honest and knowledgeable person that I have ever met. I had complete confidence in his handling of my case. In the beginning, my medical expenses far exceeded all available insurance money. Stephen nevertheless negotiated with my providers and I still received a fair settlement. Stephen truly cares about his clients.

In the end you have a good friend, not just an attorney. I highly recommend Stephen Blackburn."


"I was the no fault driver in two separate accidents within two days - my first accidents ever. I hired Mr. Blackburn to represent me in this complicated case. He was honest and told me exactly what I needed to know and answered any and all questions. He was a pleasure to work with and I am very pleased with his service and results."


"Mr. Blackburn was unbelievable during my whole case. He never gave me false hope about the size of my settlement or how easy my case would be. Stephen was persistent and never let the other person's insurance company off the hook. He dealt with collecting the bills from all of my service providers and did everything he could to help me not to worry. Even when I began to lose my energy to keep of the fight he did not. He was very easy to reach and always returned my calls promptly. In the end it felt like we had come through a battle together. I have and will continue to recommend Stephen Blackburn to all of my friends and family."


"I was rear-ended by an inattentive driver. I received injuries as well as extensive damage to my SUV. I so recommend attorney Stephen Blackburn. He explains everything and fights for your rights. He is a great attorney and a very nice man."


"After my accident, I thought it best to let a professional handle my claim. I probably could have handled it on my own, but being busy with family and work, I decided to hire a lawyer. Mr. Blackburn was thorough, communicative and responsible in the way he handled my claim. I would recommend him to anyone injured in a car accident."


"I was in a car accident and immediately hired Stephen as my attorney to get me through this. Even at the initial meeting, I met with Stephen who I immediately liked and trusted. Through out the last two years Stephen has fought for me, listened to me vent when this case seemed to just be at a stand still and laugh with me. I could call him and he would always remember who I was and what was going on, he answered his emails faster than I thought possible. He is honest about what is going on and doesn't sugar coat what the outcomes can possibly look like to what reality looks like. Overall Stephen makes you feel that you are the most important client he has and is always there for you, as well as available to you. I would highly recommend that anyone who needs an attorney call Stephen Blackburn, you will not be disappointed. He exceeded my expectations and shown me that you can trust lawyers! Thank you so much Stephen for all you did to help me out."


"A close friend referred me to Stephen Blackburn back in 2010 when I was involved in back-to-back car accidents making for a complex case. My first impressions of Stephen were his balanced approach of professionalism, confidence, and fun sense of humor. Throughout the entire case Stephen consistently provided sound advice, keeping my interests in mind, and never setting false expectations. I appreciated the fact that Stephen was always available and willing to answer my questions. On a number of surprise visits Stephen was always willing to stop what he was doing and give me his time. Stephen was able to take what was quickly becoming a bad situation for my family and me and completely changed the outcome. Most importantly I was able to spend my time with my family and focus on rehabilitation. My decision to work with Stephen was the best decision I could have made. Stephen exceeded every expectation as well as became a good friend during the process. I would HIGHLY recommend Stephen Blackburn to ALL my family and friends. Thanks again Stephen for everything!"


"After being involved in an accident, I contact Mr. Blackburn's office to discuss my situation in detail. From the first time we met I knew I had found the best attorney for my situation. Mr. Blackburn answered all my questions and explained my options. He was very friendly, showed great professionalism and I felt confident in his firm. Throughout the process I could contact Mr. Blackburn anytime and he would get back to me quickly. Mr. Blackburn helped me though the complex situation and ultimately got results. Overall he made a not so pleasant experience (the accident) better with his help. Thank you Mr. Blackburn for all your hard work."


"My husband and I were in a car accident in Nevada. I found Stephen by searching the internet. I liked what I read about him. He helped us with our case. He was very caring and concerned with our feelings. We knew what he was doing during the case, and why. We are very happy with the settlement and will stay in touch with him. He is a friend first, then a lawyer. Thanks, Stephen, for your help and your friendship."